SupCharge® - Magnetic, Wireless Phone Charger


Power your Smartphone anywhere with SupCharge®

It's slim, sleek, magnetic and gives your smartphone that extra boost whenever you need it!!



Built it magnets will keep your phone secure whilst your charging it.

The innovative design allows you to do more with your phone as it charges, or put it in a bag with confidence, knowing it won't become misaligned and stop charging!

Fast wireless charging!

Simply put the SupCharge® to your phone and it will immediately start to charge. No cables required and your battery will be restored back to 100% in no time thanks to our wireless fast-charging technology. 


There's no need to be hassled with wires! That just another thing to break or lose! Going wireless with SupCharge® is the way forward.

Battery capacity: 10,000mAh
Battery type: Li-Polymer Battery
Weight: 128g

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